March 21, 2019

Top 10 Best Cannabis Dispensaries

Indeed, when purchasing a product, for example, shoes, people should know what are the best stores to buy a pair of shoes. What defines “the best”? It can be measured by the services, its products, its staff, the location, the store, and the overall experience of the customer from pre-selling to post-sales services. Not all companies and organizations can do that all, some services are flawed but the products are the best, and few businesses do not have the best of products, but the experience an individual would get is worth it.

Comparatively, purchasing cannabis in legalized states and countries have been easy for both medical use and recreational use because of the dispensaries. Finding the best cannabis dispensary for your taste is pretty tough, but once you found it, near or far, you will go there no matter what.

It is essential to know the best dispensaries to know that an individual is not settling for what is near or what is the cheapest, these dispensaries have quality products, the best services, and magical experience for your use.

1. Ponderosa Releaf in Arizona – Arizona’s best cannabis dispensary ponderosa releaf proved that reasonable prices should sell quality products. Many patients have been thrilled to the dispensary’s express pickup window because they do not need to stay for hours if they know what is the strain or product prescribed by the doctor. Plus, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

2. Essence Vegas in Nevada – Customers do not always know what they are purchasing, that is why the staff members are needed to guide them. Essence Vegas dispensary has the best customer service in the state from product and strain information to the post-sales.

3. Green Mart in Oregon – Organic cannabis is the pride of this dispensary. The quality of the strains is the reason customers keep coming back for more. They also accept debit and credit card.

4. Green Lady in Washington – Quality products but not so pricey, and it has a membership program that is point-based promotes discounts, promos, and all that. Customer service is also the best.

5. The Reef Detroit in Michigan – The menu provided by the dispensary offers a wide-range selection of strains, products, and more. The staff members of reef dispensary are very knowledgeable and friendly to help customers in choosing the right product for you.

6. Lightshade in Colorado – The high-quality strains and products, and the best and convenient location are what Lightshade has that nobody has. The tinctures are the best product in the dispensary.

7. KushKlub in Canada – Aside from its ideal location and quality products (most of them are popular strains), the customer service of KushKlub is one of their edges from others.

8. Planet 13 in Nevada – This is the largest recreational cannabis dispensary in the world. Planet 13 is open for 24 hours that showcases visual experience (LED lights) for customers. The products are the best with wide-range of selection.

9. Bud and Bloom in California – The dispensary is named one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the U.S. The architectural design of the place is very pleasing in the eyes with quality products and strains. The service is also the best; free shuttle service for seniors.

10. Trulieve in Florida – Chemical-free cannabis products are what trulieve advertised. Also, professional physicians are there to help with recommendation and guidance.

March 21, 2019

24 Hour Recreational and Medical Dispensaries

Many people would agree that business owners must always prioritize customers at all times. The services they offered should cater to people’s needs, wants, desires, and such. This is why many businesses are more entertaining, engaging, and interactive than before. Promos and other “gimmicks” are implemented to make customers become loyal to the brand. These features are designed to serve the customers, promote convenience greatly, and for them to experience premium service.

One of the best services businesses can offer is a 24 hours service, or what others call as 24/7 businesses. For restaurants and convenience stores, serving for 24 hours is beneficial for many customers. Those who work at night or those who enjoy a midnight snack can easily grab a bite.

The cannabis dispensaries businesses are emerging in legalized countries to provide cannabis strains, products, and many more to people. The services they offer are beneficial in the cannabis industry. After all, this is where people buy products, interact with the experts, learn about the drug, and more. This is why it is important to have well-established cannabis dispensaries and knowledgeable budtenders (people who work in these businesses).

Some cannabis dispensaries have the same services and products. This is why the best of them have to separate themselves by engaging in customer service, and other unique business techniques. As the demand of people to go to cannabis dispensaries arise, businesses are now operating 24 hours to serve many people all day and all night.

On the other hand, not all dispensaries are open for 24 hours. In fact, many of them from different legalized states are only operating until 7 in the evening and few until 10. Some dispensaries in California, Nevada, and Colorado stay open until 12 or 2 in the morning. There are just fewer of them that are open for 24 hours, and they are in Nevada.

Notably, the largest cannabis dispensary in the world can be found in Las Vegas, Nevada. However, it is not just your ordinary place to buy cannabis because it has entertainment complex, LED lights, presentations, and more. It is an excellent place to be more interactive to customers with quality cannabis products and strains.

Owners and partners expect 2,000 people will visit this dispensary every day because of the overall experience and the 24 hours service. Not to mention that it also offers both medical and recreational cannabis products. Indeed, the 24 hours service help people to relax, enjoy the place, and savor the experience. It even offers its customers a taste of cannabis-infused wines.

Meanwhile, in Western Ave, also in Las Vegas, Nevada, another 24 hours cannabis dispensary is found. Designed with a world-class work of art, showcasing music and history, as well as culinary experience are what makes this store special. Additionally, it has the only open-view cannabis extraction kitchen in the state of Nevada. It’s where customers can witness extraction artists in the act of extracting a good quality cannabis oil.

The same cannabis store also made fresh cannabis-infused baked goods like donuts, pretzels, popcorns, chocolates, brownies, and cookies. Lastly, another dispensary in Las Vegas showcases 24-hour service for people. This dispensary specializes in good quality strains as they have a wide range of choices for them from the most popular to classic ones.

Indeed, having a 24-hour cannabis dispensary in your hometown can be beneficial in people who like to purchase cannabis in the middle of the night. They are businesses that can truly serve customers anytime. Many people find this very convenient, after all. However, cannabis dispensaries that only operate for 10 hours or less are also useful whether it is for the state, people, or for laws.

March 21, 2019

Where Can I Find 24 Hour Dispensaries?

As the legalization of cannabis roams from corners to corners of the world, many people became interested in either using, operating a business or investing. For instance, there are already two countries with cannabis policy that fully accept both recreational and medicinal uses of the drug. Not to mention that there are different states in many other places in the world with specific cannabis policy. These circumstances signify that the world and its people are on the road of getting to know all the benefits of cannabis as a plant and as a drug. Here, you will know the places where most people get cannabis products legally and are open 24 hours.

Where Can I Find 24-Hour Dispensaries?

Cannabis has been gaining a lot of attention from people around the world. It all began when people found out that there are health benefits cannabis can give to human. Indeed, the plant or the drug is a great source of helpful properties such as anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, antibacterial and antioxidant. With these in mind, a vast number of individuals seek help to the plant for treating a wide variety of health condition such as cancer, epilepsy, and many other chronic illnesses. As the demand for cannabis increases, lawmakers from different countries recall a trial to discuss the legalization of the drug. Now, numerous countries have certain cannabis policy, and most of these places allow the operation of legal dispensaries.

Dispensaries are basically a place for selling various medicines, and at this point, most dispensaries are known for selling cannabis. If you go to places like Colorado, Canada, Uruguay, and California, you can see many buildings and institute where cannabis are being sold. Although it is true that cannabis is legally sold inside dispensaries, there are still regulations that people and owners should follow. For example, if a particular country only allows specific conditions to acquire cannabis, then you can only get a dose if you’re qualified to that condition. Also, even though each has different laws, they all have the same age requirement. As an example, no dispensary should permit an individual with the age of 18 years old and below.

Again, dispensaries are all over the corners, but as not all are open for 24-hour operation. To help you find the best dispensaries, here are the locations of different 24-hour dispensaries, which are probably near you:

Las Vegas (United States)

Vegas is one of the most popular places in the U.S., but the popularity of this place is not just about the tourist’s spots. It also gains another star because of the dispensaries open for 24 hours. As an example of this is Reef Dispensary.


It is the second country that declares the legalization of cannabis. When you visit this place, you will see how and where people get their cannabis product. Additionally, in Canada, there are numerous dispensaries that are open for 24-hour service. One of these is Canada Weed Dispensary in Vancouver.


Among the 50 states in the U.S., Colorado is one of the first states that allow the regulation of medical cannabis. When to visit this place, you will see different dispensaries with a variety of cannabis products such as pills, joints, edibles and many more. However, only a few cannabis stores are open for 24-hour operation, for example, the Green Grass Wellness Center in Black Hawk.


In recent news, Michigan is the newest states where cannabis decriminalization was passed. Now, there are already different stores and dispensaries that will let you choose from a wide variety of cannabis products. Most dispensaries are open for 24-hour operation, and one of these dispensaries is Green Way Michigan.

Now that you already have ideas regarding the places with 24-hour dispensaries, it is one great step to find the best product for you. On the other hand, before you proceed to buy any product, it is best to consult a physician first to prevent any complications that may happen.

March 21, 2019

Why Is It Safe to Get Cannabis at Dispensaries?

Cannabis is considered safe for consumption. However, the manner on how you’ll consume it can play a significant difference in its effects. This is why the authorities are not lacking warnings and campaigns about its responsible use especially today that it’s been legalized in many states. Hence, it’s even made more accessible to the public through the dispensaries. However, there are concerns regarding its safety status in these sources. You’ll know what they are in this article.

Issues About Cannabis Dispensaries

As if like a “stigma,” almost everything related to cannabis become subjected to controversies. Its dispensaries are no different. In fact, there are reports concerning laboratories warning the public about dangerous and contaminated cannabis. For instance, there are ones in California, particularly those selling for recreational purposes, have products that aren’t still tested by 57 statewide labs. There are millions of pounds being assessed here, and the experts are afraid they can’t test them all just yet. This would only mean there’s a possibility that some cannabis items which are already sold on shelves of these dispensaries don’t meet state standards.

This is somewhat concerning, especially if they are already bought and used by consumers.  Moreover, according to the Cannabis Industry Association, there’s only about 5% of these products all over the state that has been tested for safety. Not to mention they also believed that almost 50% of grown cannabis is potentially contaminated with dangerous chemicals or bacteria. Pesticides are one thing, but fungus and various pathogenic molds are other issues. They can harm human beings and wouldn’t do your immune system any good. This is why besides enough supply, it’d be best to know the main sources. It’s to get ideas on how they cultivate their cannabis.

In reality, however, this is just one step, and it’s already a difficult thing to do. The purpose of dispensaries mostly centers on the preparation and distribution of cannabis products. Laboratories can’t really force them to monitor their sources unless they initiate it. Meanwhile, as an effort, cannabis agriculture has been regulated recently. Testings for dangerous fungi and harmful chemicals such as 66 pesticides have been required now by the state. Nonetheless, the fact remains that those still untested products from dispensaries could be sold freely. This what raised concerns about what’s really safe.

Furthermore, researchers at Steep Hill showed different types of fungus contaminating a particular cannabis sample. They emphasized that these appeared to grow outside the body, what more if these are already in your lungs? Although of course, they wouldn’t know what these would look like as an infection. Regardless, the case of a certain cancer patient who died from a rare fungal infection should not be ignored. This report has been shared by the health experts at U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. You’ll even discover that there’s already evidence linking cannabis to it.

While it’s true that there are chemicals which could have helped prevent the growth of those dangerous fungi, they may also harm you. Pesticides and fungicides are known to be safe when used on food. However, it would be a different story when they are smoked. Take myclobutanil forms cyanide gas for instance. It’s very toxic, and it can easily enter your bloodstream upon combustion. In the end, you’ll still go back to the main issue. Thus, every product from dispensaries should be tested first by state laboratories to make sure you’re only getting the right quality.

Things You Can Do to Address These Issues

For the record, not all dispensaries are like the ones mentioned earlier. It just happens that the state of California is not yet finished with all their cannabis testings. This is why the State Cannabis Testing Bureau already established a timeline for them. They shared that everything will be labeled with test results eventually. It would help you to distinguish which have been assessed and which are not. This only implies that once you buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary, you must not be afraid to ask for this proof. If they can’t do it, then you should reconsider your purchase and instead go to other dispensaries.

On the note, you have to beware of illegal dispensaries. They may appear to be “good” enough, but in reality, they are not. The result of the 2017 research conducted by the University of British Columbia would show you how medical cannabis patients patronize illegal dispensaries compared to legal and black market sources. This was probably because they believed and felt safer at these shops where they can get “reliable” supplies. This is rather misleading. For this reason, it’d be best if cases like these could be addressed by giving them adequate information.

Generally speaking, even though cannabis itself is considered safe, there are still some circumstances you can’t control. These include monitoring its dispensaries. Many state governments are making efforts just to lessen concerns. However, these may only be the extent of what they can do. It’s why you also have to take things on your own safety standards. Although this doesn’t mean you go far-off the already established ones because this may end up adding more issues than solving them.

March 21, 2019

Dispensaries – General Rules and Regulations

Without rules and regulations, there will be no peace. In the same manner, if rules are broken, equality between people could be violated that may result in chaos and disorder. Indeed, rules that will compromise different parties, rules that are implemented with the good purpose, and rules that are used in the right way will lead to development, harmonious coexistence between people and peace in the nation.

Concerning cannabis dispensaries, not all countries and states have the same laws to regulate the services of these businesses. In fact, it varies based on the laws of a country or a state. For example, dispensaries that reside in a state that only legalized medical cannabis (clearly) should only sell medical cannabis that is permitted by the regulating committee.

However, many rules and regulations apply in most of the states and countries. These are:


All cannabis dispensaries should have all the license and documents, proofs that the store is permitted to sell cannabis. State officers and the government have the right to inspect a cannabis dispensary.


An individual cannot just buy in dispensaries without any identification and the dispensaries’ or state’s required documents. Concerning the purchase of medical cannabis, an individual should bring the doctor’s recommendation, medical cannabis card, and specific identification cards. For recreational users, an individual should be 21 years old and above (in some countries, 19 years old) with identification cards. Cannabis dispensaries follow these rules to help patients and recreational users accordingly.

Purchasing Limit

All cannabis dispensaries have purchasing limit whether for medical or recreational use. This is to ensure responsible consumption and purchasing for personal use only. For medical use, purchasing limit is to prevent side effects and other adverse results of consuming the drug. For using the drug recreationally, on the other hand, many cases reported that purchasing for another person has been long-standing.

Cannabis Advertising

Many states and countries understand that every business has the right to advertise their services or products. However, advertising cannabis has restrictions and regulations. Many states in the U.S. like Florida and Massachusetts permitted advertising dispensaries but restricted to many factors like marketing children or minors. Other states, on the other hand, although legalized, do not want any advertisements about the drug. These restrictions about ads and marketing aim to compromise between marketers and audiences.

Budtenders Recommendations

Budtenders are the people who work at a cannabis dispensary that most likely an expert in the products, consumption, side effects, benefits, and more information about the strain or type of cannabis. Some states do not let budtenders to recommend strains or products to patients. Doctor’s recommendation should be presented. Budtenders can share their experience using a specific strain but not to suggest what to purchase. However, budtenders also should spread information right if recreational users are to purchase; the possible side effects and the health risk an individual might get.

Consumption Within the Vicinity of the Dispensary

Many countries’ and states’ dispensaries do not allow people to consume their cannabis right away in the store vicinity. Laws inhibit public consumption of cannabis, and it must not be consumed where tobacco cannot be consumed. Consumption must be done for personal use at home.

Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis dispensaries (in some states and countries) are not allowed to sell cannabis seeds for cultivation. Many countries and states laws inhibit the cultivation of the plant at home. All products and strains should be bought in the dispensaries.

Cannabis dispensaries and people should follow these general rules and regulations. With these rules, the cannabis industry and the business will significantly succeed.