Indeed, when purchasing a product, for example, shoes, people should know what are the best stores to buy a pair of shoes. What defines “the best”? It can be measured by the services, its products, its staff, the location, the store, and the overall experience of the customer from pre-selling to post-sales services. Not all companies and organizations can do that all, some services are flawed but the products are the best, and few businesses do not have the best of products, but the experience an individual would get is worth it.

Comparatively, purchasing cannabis in legalized states and countries have been easy for both medical use and recreational use because of the dispensaries. Finding the best cannabis dispensary for your taste is pretty tough, but once you found it, near or far, you will go there no matter what.

It is essential to know the best dispensaries to know that an individual is not settling for what is near or what is the cheapest, these dispensaries have quality products, the best services, and magical experience for your use.

1. Ponderosa Releaf in Arizona – Arizona’s best cannabis dispensary ponderosa releaf proved that reasonable prices should sell quality products. Many patients have been thrilled to the dispensary’s express pickup window because they do not need to stay for hours if they know what is the strain or product prescribed by the doctor. Plus, the staff are friendly and knowledgeable.

2. Essence Vegas in Nevada – Customers do not always know what they are purchasing, that is why the staff members are needed to guide them. Essence Vegas dispensary has the best customer service in the state from product and strain information to the post-sales.

3. Green Mart in Oregon – Organic cannabis is the pride of this dispensary. The quality of the strains is the reason customers keep coming back for more. They also accept debit and credit card.

4. Green Lady in Washington – Quality products but not so pricey, and it has a membership program that is point-based promotes discounts, promos, and all that. Customer service is also the best.

5. The Reef Detroit in Michigan – The menu provided by the dispensary offers a wide-range selection of strains, products, and more. The staff members of reef dispensary are very knowledgeable and friendly to help customers in choosing the right product for you.

6. Lightshade in Colorado – The high-quality strains and products, and the best and convenient location are what Lightshade has that nobody has. The tinctures are the best product in the dispensary.

7. KushKlub in Canada – Aside from its ideal location and quality products (most of them are popular strains), the customer service of KushKlub is one of their edges from others.

8. Planet 13 in Nevada – This is the largest recreational cannabis dispensary in the world. Planet 13 is open for 24 hours that showcases visual experience (LED lights) for customers. The products are the best with wide-range of selection.

9. Bud and Bloom in California – The dispensary is named one of the most beautiful dispensaries in the U.S. The architectural design of the place is very pleasing in the eyes with quality products and strains. The service is also the best; free shuttle service for seniors.

10. Trulieve in Florida – Chemical-free cannabis products are what trulieve advertised. Also, professional physicians are there to help with recommendation and guidance.