Cannabis is considered safe for consumption. However, the manner on how you’ll consume it can play a significant difference in its effects. This is why the authorities are not lacking warnings and campaigns about its responsible use especially today that it’s been legalized in many states. Hence, it’s even made more accessible to the public through the dispensaries. However, there are concerns regarding its safety status in these sources. You’ll know what they are in this article.

Issues About Cannabis Dispensaries

As if like a “stigma,” almost everything related to cannabis become subjected to controversies. Its dispensaries are no different. In fact, there are reports concerning laboratories warning the public about dangerous and contaminated cannabis. For instance, there are ones in California, particularly those selling for recreational purposes, have products that aren’t still tested by 57 statewide labs. There are millions of pounds being assessed here, and the experts are afraid they can’t test them all just yet. This would only mean there’s a possibility that some cannabis items which are already sold on shelves of these dispensaries don’t meet state standards.

This is somewhat concerning, especially if they are already bought and used by consumers.  Moreover, according to the Cannabis Industry Association, there’s only about 5% of these products all over the state that has been tested for safety. Not to mention they also believed that almost 50% of grown cannabis is potentially contaminated with dangerous chemicals or bacteria. Pesticides are one thing, but fungus and various pathogenic molds are other issues. They can harm human beings and wouldn’t do your immune system any good. This is why besides enough supply, it’d be best to know the main sources. It’s to get ideas on how they cultivate their cannabis.

In reality, however, this is just one step, and it’s already a difficult thing to do. The purpose of dispensaries mostly centers on the preparation and distribution of cannabis products. Laboratories can’t really force them to monitor their sources unless they initiate it. Meanwhile, as an effort, cannabis agriculture has been regulated recently. Testings for dangerous fungi and harmful chemicals such as 66 pesticides have been required now by the state. Nonetheless, the fact remains that those still untested products from dispensaries could be sold freely. This what raised concerns about what’s really safe.

Furthermore, researchers at Steep Hill showed different types of fungus contaminating a particular cannabis sample. They emphasized that these appeared to grow outside the body, what more if these are already in your lungs? Although of course, they wouldn’t know what these would look like as an infection. Regardless, the case of a certain cancer patient who died from a rare fungal infection should not be ignored. This report has been shared by the health experts at U.C. Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. You’ll even discover that there’s already evidence linking cannabis to it.

While it’s true that there are chemicals which could have helped prevent the growth of those dangerous fungi, they may also harm you. Pesticides and fungicides are known to be safe when used on food. However, it would be a different story when they are smoked. Take myclobutanil forms cyanide gas for instance. It’s very toxic, and it can easily enter your bloodstream upon combustion. In the end, you’ll still go back to the main issue. Thus, every product from dispensaries should be tested first by state laboratories to make sure you’re only getting the right quality.

Things You Can Do to Address These Issues

For the record, not all dispensaries are like the ones mentioned earlier. It just happens that the state of California is not yet finished with all their cannabis testings. This is why the State Cannabis Testing Bureau already established a timeline for them. They shared that everything will be labeled with test results eventually. It would help you to distinguish which have been assessed and which are not. This only implies that once you buy cannabis from a licensed dispensary, you must not be afraid to ask for this proof. If they can’t do it, then you should reconsider your purchase and instead go to other dispensaries.

On the note, you have to beware of illegal dispensaries. They may appear to be “good” enough, but in reality, they are not. The result of the 2017 research conducted by the University of British Columbia would show you how medical cannabis patients patronize illegal dispensaries compared to legal and black market sources. This was probably because they believed and felt safer at these shops where they can get “reliable” supplies. This is rather misleading. For this reason, it’d be best if cases like these could be addressed by giving them adequate information.

Generally speaking, even though cannabis itself is considered safe, there are still some circumstances you can’t control. These include monitoring its dispensaries. Many state governments are making efforts just to lessen concerns. However, these may only be the extent of what they can do. It’s why you also have to take things on your own safety standards. Although this doesn’t mean you go far-off the already established ones because this may end up adding more issues than solving them.